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What is the primary concern when owning a dog? The priority for any responsible dog owner is cleaning up dog poop.

A creature like a dog is tightly bound to feces.  Even though feces are dirty and pollutant, many dogs have a habit of playing with and even eating it. As a dog owner, one's love for their dog can be counterbalanced by their disgust for this behavior.

Cleaning up dog poop promptly is crucial to maintaining a strong bond with your furry friend. Moreover, timely clean-up of dog waste has numerous benefits.


1. Maintain the health of the dog

First of all, you need to know that dogs themselves hate feces. For dogs, eating dog feces is a risky and potentially dangerous way of life. Although dogs are accustomed to eating their feces, they supplement nutrition and prevent parasites by eating fresh ones. However, dogs’ weak immunity does not guarantee that dogs can completely resist bacterial infections and parasites in dog feces. The proper way is to use a dog poop shovel to remove the dog's feces in time, and correct its bad habit through diet.


2. Maintain your health

Dog poop is extremely high in bacteria, with only 1 gram of dog poop, there are 23 million E. coli. There are also Salmonella and Flagellates that can cause intestinal infections in humans. Many of these bacteria are also resistant to antibiotics. If you don't dispose of your dog's poop promptly, you may be "infected." The terrible thing is that every year, dog owners get sick from this disease, but they have never found the real cause. For the safety of you and your family, you'd better be a hard-working shit shoveler.
To reduce risk, habitually wear gloves and use plastic bags. Extra-long (up to 36.5 inches) stainless steel dog poop scoops and trays are also a smart choice. Some short-handled plastic poop scoops do not guarantee complete isolation stools.


3. Maintaining the Environment

Dog waste is a strong pollutant. One dog's poop can produce enough bacteria to impact the environment of an entire street, while also generating unpleasant odors and secondary pollution as conditions change over time.

  • maintains the urban environment
  • maintains the natural environment

God wouldn't want to know what kind of destructive power the poop of hundreds or thousands of spreading dogs can have on the city's landscape and environment, which is why every city places a high value on pet management.

It is trendy to bring along your pet and family on a road trip to enjoy the companionship of nature, family, and pets. Remember to bring a dog poop scooper set to avoid leaving dog poop behind, which can pollute the aesthetic natural landscape and irritate fellow travelers.

Using a dog poop scooper kit to promptly clean up dog poop, or even prevent your dog from leaving dog poop on the ground, is your duty as a dog owner, and particularly as a civil individual.


4. Maintain your lawn

Dog waste should not be used as fertilizer. Some people may believe that dog poop can serve as a beneficial fertilizer for their lawns or gardens. However, unlike herbivore waste, dog poop contains high levels of protein, and acidity, and can produce harmful substances such as organic acids and heat when not fermented. These toxic substances can cause damage to your

lawn, making cleanup using a dog poop scooper essential. If you wish to recycle and reuse dog waste, it is advised to utilize a dedicated dog waste recycling bin and focus on fermentation and composting.


5. Reduce the risk of long-term contamination

  • invisible contamination
  • visible contamination

Pollutants and parasites in dog poop can enter the soil and water supply unseen by humans and persist for years. Cleaning up ahead of time is the best approach.

dog poop isn't just a dog's preference. Many creatures, including poopers and rats, can survive by consuming dog poop. If you allow your dog to defecate anywhere, you could be inviting unwanted guests into your home. These guests are often carriers of pathogenic bacteria and other harmful contaminants.


6. Help kick your dog's poop-eating habit

Dogs eating dog poop is a persistent issue with various causes, and it can take a while to break the habit.

Providing a designated area for your dog to relieve itself and regularly cleaning the kennel with a dog poop scooper set is necessary.

It is also important to play with your dog and train it to alleviate boredom and loneliness. Avoid letting your dog go outside alone as it may ingest the feces of other animals. If you plan to go outside with your dog, don't forget to bring a dog poop scooper set, or at least a tray with a removable design for easy carrying, which can be covered with a plastic bag.


7. Save your money

In 2022, Americans are projected to spend $136.8 billion on pets, reflecting a 10.68% rise from 2021 ($123.6 billion), which exceeds the earlier projection. Even though dogs are the most widely kept American pets (65.1 million American households own dogs), dog owners spend an average of $730 annually on their pets, exclusive of the procurement cost. Needless to say, the figure varies considerably, depending on factors such as the pet's size and health.

However, removing feces in a timely manner is definitely the first step in preventing your dog from getting sick. So, keep your dog clean, for the sake of his body and your wallet.


Closing Thoughts

Loving someone means accepting their flaws, and the same goes for loving your dog.  Shoveling your dog's poop shows love for them and helps maintain the health of both dog and owner, protects the environment, keeps the lawn clean, reduces long-term pollution, discourages dogs from eating dog poop, and saves money.

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