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Balcony RelaxationA balcony is a great choice for relaxation and enjoyment. However, whether you're lounging or reading a book, the prying eyes that sweep in from time to time bring to your attention a serious problem: balconies need privacy.

Without looking for various solutions, balcony privacy screens are the best option for you to enjoy a private and interesting balcony for five specific reasons as follows. 


Five Reasons to Prove the Benefits of Balcony Privacy Screens

1. Privacy

The first and foremost solution to installing a balcony privacy screen is inevitably privacy protection. Whether you are buying or renting a house, privacy is one of your most primal and important needs. Otherwise, what's the difference between you and a hobo? A hobo would have a tent too.


Without privacy screens, your balcony may be no different from anyone else's, with transparent glass or stainless-steel fencing that doesn't keep out any nosy neighbors. On the contrary, after installing a privacy screen, its minimum 3 years of durability can maintain your privacy for a long time. Most importantly, you are able to protect your rights, "your balcony is unique and belongs only to your world" and maintaining this feeling is of utmost importance.


2. Security

Privacy and security are inextricably linked, and balcony privacy screens will contribute equally to home your balcony's and your home's security. 


Aids in burglary prevention and improves security. The unknown is frightening and unsettling, and installing a privacy screen can somewhat create scruples for burglars. You can also pre-arrange burglar traps on the inside of your balcony. In short, burglary-conscious people will not let their balconies be as open to prying eyes as others to gamble on their probability of being burglarized.


Improves the safety of your family's protection. Kids and pets are the source of energy in your home, but they will always get into trouble. For their safety, it's a good idea to drape all the balconies in your home that have holes in them with balcony privacy screens.


Vulnerability protection.When enjoying outdoor time alone or with your family, remember to keep it well guarded, especially in rural areas where bugs, snakes, birds, and animals are abundant. Install balcony privacy screens on fences or front porches and spray them with insect and snake repellents, which are sure to gain effectiveness as the area covered increases. (HPDE: Anti-Common Acid & Alkali Solution, please note that the ingredients of the solution may damage the screen)


3. Protection of property

Balcony privacy screens likewise cherish your property, including your and your family's bodies, as well as your furnishings, which is the root of keeping your interesting life. 


Against strong sunlight. The balcony Privacy Screen provides 90% ultraviolet protection (UPF), which helps reduce the risk of harm from UV rays. Against strong sunlight, the Balcony Privacy Screen provides 90% ultraviolet protection (UPF), which helps reduce the risk of harm from UV rays. Against strong sunlight, the Balcony Privacy Screen provides 90% ultraviolet protection (UPF), which helps reduce the risk of harm from UV rays. Since the screen eliminates the need for UV window film on your glass, it saves you extra expenses. It also blocks 90% of visibility, protecting expensive wood furniture from damage and extending its lifespan by reducing the effects of bright light, including fading, darkening, and cracking. 


Resistant to wind and rain. This piece withstands winds of at least 20 mph and repels light rain. Its superior breathability prevents moisture accumulation, ensuring furniture and floors remain dry.


4. Decoration

A cohesive private space is bound to have its unique charm. Decide on the form of decoration according to your purpose, the balcony privacy screen will return your expectations.


Increase your options by installing balcony privacy screens. This way, you can create a sunny and private space without being peered at through glass or fences. Adjust the area of light by varying the size and color of the screen, and leave your curtains open to enjoy the sunlight.


Improves your sense of belonging. A balcony privacy screen with privacy protection can certainly improve your peace of mind and sense of belonging to your home. This type of product is especially recommended for newlyweds designing and decorating their new home together.


A private place to socialize. Balcony privacy screens help create an intimate balcony space for reading and viewing meditation when you are alone. When there is an important social event, it can also be used as a private social place, you will get the main field only has a special added power.


5. Energy Saving

HPDE is an environmentally friendly material that is biodegradable and recyclable, so you don't have to worry about it polluting the environment. HPDE balcony privacy screen also reduces solar radiation and prevents the parapet from absorbing heat, especially stopping the heat-gathering effect of glass parapets. This reduces the need for air conditioning in the summer and helps to protect against draughts in the winter. Its use helps reduce carbon emissions and reduces electricity consumption, making it a great tool for reducing energy.


 Privacy Balcony


A few pots of flowers and plants, let the fresh air into a wisp of floral scent, fading away the body's fatigue; two wind chimes, so that the enthusiasm of the summer with a touch of lightness. With a balcony privacy screen, you can relax your taut spirit and let the balcony privately cure your tiredness. 

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